Refund Policy

Boutique de la Parfumerie provides return of products and funds only for products that are purchased and paid through under the conditions in below.

In case to you receive a damaged product, you can report it within 7 days of receiving the product.

The product can be returned within the above period, together with the attached invoice and delivery note and you can replace it with another product. Please send us notification for the complaint electronically to [email protected]  

Our refund policy is available on our website.

We recommend that you review posted refund policy changes each time when you visit the website.

Boutique de la Parfumerie reserves the right to change the refund policy. All revisions or changes will take effect immediately upon their publication on the website

If you have additional questions related to the refund policy, please send an email to [email protected]  

Last change: 20.10.2021



Од сега може да ги правите вашите порачки преку нашата online продавница.

За дополнителни информации контактирајте нѐ или посетете нѐ во East Gate на прв спрат.

Ве очекуваме.

Boutique de la Parfumerie


Dear guest,

You can make your orders through our e-shop.

For more information contact us or visit us at East Gate on the first floor.

We expect you.

Boutique de la Parfumerie


I respektuar,

Ju mund të bëni porositë tuaja përmes e-shopit tonë.

Për më shumë informacion na kontaktoni ose na vizitoni në East Gate në katin e parë.

Ju presim.

Boutique de la Parfumerie